Merritt Research Services recently enhanced the "Taxpayers" data available in CreditScope. We now have the ability to provide data for more than one year for the Top Ten Taxpayers. The user has the option to view the Top Ten Taxpayers by clicking on Taxpayers to see data for all years of Top Ten Taxpayers or clicking on the hyperlink "Most Recent Taxpayer Summary" which will only show data for the most recent year. The Top Ten Taxpayers data will be stored under "Taxpayer" in the Credit Detail Screen. With this revision, Merritt will begin to provide historical data for Taxpayers in the following sectors: City, County, Land District, School District and Special District.

If you are not seeing this information in CreditScope, please check the date of your most recent software system update by clicking on the [Help] button on the top menu bar of your screen. Then, click on [About CreditScope]. In the resulting pop-up box, check the line that reads: "Invest.exe date." In order to see this new information, this date needs to be 11/22/2013 or later. If your "Invest.exe date" does not appear to be current, please consult with someone in your IT department to inquire about scheduling more frequent software system updates.

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