Merritt Research Services has added more demographic data to CreditScope from the U.S. Census Bureau. The demographic data added under the Census Bureau includes Births & Deaths, Migration, and Birthplace Data.

  • The Births & Deaths section includes the number of births and deaths for a specific year, along with the natural increase which is derived from subtracting deaths from births.
  • Migration Data includes the total net migration in or out of the specific geography and is further broken down into international and domestic migration for a specific geography.
  • Birthplace Data showcases the following subsets: number of people born in the state where they reside, number of people born outside the state where they reside but still in the U.S., number of people born outside the U.S. but born in Puerto Rico, Island Territories, or born abroad to American parents, and number of foreign born (where at birth they were not a U.S. citizen).

Births & Deaths and Migration Data are available for national, state, region, region division, CSA, CBSA, and county geographies. Birthplace Data is available for all geographies. If you are not seeing this information in your CreditScope, please check the date of your most recent software system update by clicking on the [Help] button on the top menu bar of your screen. Then, click on the "About CreditScope" option. In the resulting pop-up box, check the line that reads: "Invest.exe date." In order to see this new information, this date needs to be 07/23/2013 or later. If your "Invest.exe date" does not appear to be current, please consult with someone in your IT department to inquire about scheduling more frequent software system updates.