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  • Airport

    Air transportation enterprises responsible for operating and/or maintaining a public airport, system of airports or combined port facility. Airports exist at the state, regional, county and municipal levels, and are often operated by the...
  • City

    A municipality that provides a broad range of services to its residents, including general government, public safety, culture, education or recreation. Debt obligations are most often payable through the collection of taxes (primarily...
  • Hospital

    Health care providers operating one or more acute care facilities. Providers can be a single local or regional facility, or a state or nation-wide health system. The types of facilities include general acute care, children’s, critical...
  • Private Higher Ed

    Not-for-profit colleges and universities that are operated by a private or non-government agency. The primary sources of revenue are tuition and fees, private gifts, grants and contracts, investment earnings, auxiliary enterprises and...
  • Retail Electric

    Stand-alone or combined utilities whose primary deliverable is retail customer electricity. Debt obligations are often payable from revenue and operations of the retail electric utility.
  • State

    U.S. states and territories that provide services for residents including; agriculture and natural resource management, economic development programs, education, health and human services, infrastructure improvement, judicial services...


As Municipal Bond Rates Fall to Historic Lows and Issuers Deleverage Bonds, the Age-Old Infrastructure Problem Worsens

Merritt Research Service’s Richard Ciccarone takes an in-depth look at the numbers in CreditScope to examine the seemingly never-ending infrastructure crisis in America and how the municipal bond market hasn’t kept pace with what needs to be done. The full report is available via the following link. (...)

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Merritt Research Services Recognizes Municipal Bond Issuers with Fastest Audit Times

Since 2007, Merritt Research Services has been tracking the time it takes for municipal bond related audits to be completed and signed after the close of the fiscal year end.  Based upon the number of days between the close of the fiscal year and the date of the Independent Auditor’s Report signature, some...

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