The Merritt Credit Universe available to CreditScope Municipal Edition subscribers is currently comprised of 6,300 Merritt Standard Credits and 53,600 Merritt Supplemental Credits. While the Merritt Supplemental Credits do not represent the whole nature of the deliverable credit data set associated with Merritt Standard Credits, they do offer a wealth of valuable information and opportunity.

The breadth of our current 6,300 Merritt Standard Credits represents 69% of the current market value of a major municipal bond market index. The combined 59,900-credit Merritt Credit Universe represents 98.8% of the current market value of that same major municipal bond market index.

The content delivered for a Merritt Supplemental Credit includes the core elements that define a credit - including a credit identification number (CID), administrative information, Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Feature ID, and CUSIP-to-Credit associations.

The Feature ID assignment results in pertinent, up-to-date demographic data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Census Bureau. This tool provides valuable information when assessing a credit and in establishing portfolio diversification.

The Issue-to-Credit associations provide a pathway to a Credit's Issue data such as: date of sale, coupon type, applicable rates and final maturity of the bond. This also allows for the simple one-click retrieval of associated Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) disclosure documents, including notices of material events for your review. For Perform users, these Issue-to-Credit associations afford the opportunity to associate portfolio holdings with the Credits.

If you already subscribe to CreditScope Municipal Edition and are interested in taking delivery of these Merritt Supplemental Credits, please contact your Investortools Client Services Representative at (630) 553-0040.

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