The Merritt data included in CreditScope is updated at the end of every business week. Most people are winding down their work weeks by Friday afternoon, but not at Merritt Research Services. "Our week is winding up on Friday afternoon," according to Troy Gerleman, Chief Operating Officer of Merritt Research Services.

Merritt sends the updated data to Investortools for processing over the weekend. The updated data is then delivered electronically to clients typically during business hours on Monday. Most company's IT departments will then integrate the data update into the system so that it is available to users when they walk in the door on Tuesday morning.

With the evolution of technology, the process of updating data has become more sophisticated - and more efficient. In the early days, data was updated once a month, via floppy disks that were physically delivered to clients' offices to be loaded, one by one, into each user's computer. "Clearly, we've come a long way since those days," says Gerleman.

This increased efficiency has also allowed for enhanced timeliness of data.

Check the date of your most recent data update by clicking on the [Help] button on the top menu bar of your screen. Then, click on the "About CreditScope" option. In the resulting pop-up box, check the line that reads: "Credit data date." If the data does not appear to be current, please consult with someone in your IT department to inquire about scheduling more frequent data and/or software system updates.

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