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Statement of Net Position - Governmental Activities ($000)
Cash & Short-Term Investments4,712,5914,131,5453,576,8233,766,0093,440,581
Total Assets31,927,74429,034,90227,668,33024,932,97323,035,015
Total Debt (Gov Activities)4,580,6093,158,7734,055,1294,186,7303,720,664
Total Liabilities14,934,37514,147,86613,261,39911,171,14111,245,337
Unrestricted Net Assets-3,565,881-5,062,064-4,518,739-4,112,437-3,987,247
Total Net Assets11,246,01210,285,78110,890,43510,633,61410,765,081
Statement of Activities - Governmental Activities ($000)
Sales Tax Rev or Gross Receipts Tax Rev (Gov)3,713,4353,462,7573,228,5213,152,6913,075,552
Income Tax Rev4,497,8323,996,5813,580,6553,553,2283,505,739
Total Exp22,596,03617,631,24919,799,27519,861,12918,822,403
Revenue Over Expense682,539140,612-117,154-88,408-30,032
Days Cash on Hand59.249.637.539.636.0
Days Cash on Hand (Gov Activities)84.874.069.868.469.4
Current Ratio (Gov Activities)
Payment Period (Gov Activities)52.454.453.152.555.0
Average Age of PPE (Gov Activities)
Long-Term Debt / Capitalization % (Gov Activities)14.615.825.726.626.5
Total Direct Debt / Capitalization % (Gov Activities)21.7120.8529.7231.6230.86
Cashflow / Total Debt % (Gov Activities)19.911.84.21.310.2
Total Direct Debt + Local Net Pension Liability per Cap1,535.91,529.01,518.71,440.11,423.8
Total Direct Debt + Local Net Pension Liability % Pers Inc2.
Financial Condition
Unrst Net Assets (Gov) / Tot Exp (Gov) %-21.9-28.3-23.2-21.0-20.4
Assigned Fund Bal + Unassigned Fund Bal / Gen Fund Exp %
Tot Tax Rev per Capita (Gov Activities)3,008.82,857.52,651.62,623.72,587.5
Unemployment Rate3.
State GDP (Millions)235,287223,414213,585192,819188,778
* Median values are based upon the number of audits received at any given point in time. Therefore, the median values for the most recent year(s) are subject to frequent updating and may not yet accurately characterize the median values of a complete sample size.